Kitchen Splashbacks

kitchen splashback acrylic
kitchen splash back plexiglass acrylic


Introducing our printed Kitchen Splash-Back range and these are truly one of their kind!

Our Splash-Backs are made from 2mm thick Plexiglass, an acrylic similar to Perspex. Each panel has a protective film at the back so it can easily be mounted on any surface.

  • Kitchen Splash-Backs (ask about custom sizes)
  • Kitchen counter cladding/bar cladding
  • Any wall surface
  • stick our PlexiTiles over your existing tiles (ask about custom sizes)
  • stick them onto any table surface or inside cupboards for a refreshing new look!

We advise you to stick them on with any type of silicone adhesive or glue. 

    Please note that ALL patterns can be customized OR we create new custom patterns to suit your dimensions, style and colour scheme. 

    Please don't hesitate to contact us for custom sizes. We do offer solid pieces according to your exact dimensions with printed tile. This way you only stick it on the wall once, and whallah! You just tiled your space without any grouting or mess. 

    We will assist you with a pattern and colours to suit your style. 

    WhatsApp any queries to - 0824196280 or email to

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