How soon will I receive my order?

All orders are completed within 7-14 working days. Delivery nationwide in South Africa is 3-5 working days. International, kindly send us an email to confirm your eta buymystuff@photoblox.co.za

Can I use photos from Facebook / Instagram?

Yes, those are our favorite. Kind reminder: Social media sites compress photos, so the quality may not be suitable for printing larger images. Upload the original photos instead for better quality print.

How do I send my photos?

Click on the GET STARTED button, choose your shape and size, upload your photos, and checkout.
If you struggle, please email/ WeTransfer or Dropbox them directly to buymystuff@photoblox.co.za

What File format do you accept?

We suggest sending us jpeg, jpg, or png. If you are unsure what format your photos are, kindly send us an email -buymystuff@photoblox.co.za

What quality image should I use?

The higher the quality of the image, the higher the quality of the print! We advise over 150dpi, but we can print up to 300dpi. (larger than 1MB)

How do I redeem my gift voucher?

You should have received a unique gift voucher with your purchase order. Please type that in the coupon space.

How will my image change when printed on wood?

Printing on wood creates a unique natural aesthetic. Your images will pop on your original PhotoBLOCKS as each block have a white background.

How do I hang my PhotoBLOX Print?

All our blox comes with a magic nano tape that sticks and restick to your wall without damaging it.

How do I clean my PhotoBLOX Print?

Cleaning your PhotoBLOX is super easy. Use a damp cloth to wipe down any dust. Please note to use no chemicals as this may effect the print.

Can I collect my order?

Unfortunately not, we offer effortless shipping to your door. 

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver nationwide in South Africa. We can deliver to anywhere in the world. Please note that shipping costs are your responsibility. We will be in contact with a final invoice for shipping worldwide.

Does my delivery have tracking?

You will receive a tracking code when your parcel is dispatched from our studio. 

My order was damaged when it arrived, what do I do?

If you received a damaged product, please notify us immediately for assistance. Our wooden blox have natural wood grain on them. As such, blox that show grain will not be refunded as it is a natural product and not damage to the surface of the blox.

What is your return Policy?

Our products can be returned within 7 days of the original purchase of the product. A new product may be exchanged for another product or returned for a refund.

To be eligible for a return, please make sure that:

The product was purchased in the last 7 days
The product is in its original packaging
The product isn’t used or damaged
You have the receipt or proof of purchase
Products that do not meet these criteria will not be considered for return.

Still got questions?