Gift Ideas

I know it's early to think about gifts for Valentine's Day. We are - sneak out on Valentine's Day morning to buy a gift - kinda people too. Let's be frank with all the options available we walk around the mall for 3 days. PhotoBLOX aims to cut down on unwanted strolls in malls and head scratching as to what to buy this time.

We have just launched our exciting new BirchBLOX collection just in time for Valentine's Day. Here is our Top 5 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas.

5.  Personalised BirchBLOX  & 4.  Patterned BirchBLOX 

Personalise your print, in fairy tale like names carved on a tree, by adding your names below a beautiful moment you shared together.

Create art with your photos. It's super easy! Pick a design and six of your  favourite memories and we'll do the rest. We love these prints, because it ads personality to a space, no matter the size.

3. Birch HoneyBLOX

We've now done our most popular shape in birch wood and we're so excited about these. We offer them in sets and bet you your engagement photos will look amazing on them. #winkwink


Our set collections of vouchers are awesome to gift, because you both will love it. You pick the shape and your partner picks the images. We've created them in a digital and print format so you can dress it up or down. They are available until Valentine's Day.


 1. Heart BirchBLOX

Nothing quite says love like a heart. Think about it, no matter what language you speak a heart captures love. And we love these birch hearts. They're an awesome addition to your favourite corner or bedside table. We offer them in sets of 3 so you can choose which size you prefer.


 Be inspired!

The PhotoBLOX Team