Every child is an artist!

Every child is an artist!

Yes, you have all those piled up papers and drawings of your kids, feeling to bad to throw them away...I know. BUT, you can create a beautiful artistic wall with your kids drawings on our neatly sanded wooden blocks, some photos of the kids in between and some inspirational quotes! 

You don't have to print  them all at once, just start with the first 6 drawings and add to your wall as they bring home their best drawings!

Also, they look great on the 10cm block size for R120 each :)

Here is how you create this look:

1.  Take a picture of your kids drawings, right from the top please. 


2. I suggest you email (roche@photoblox.co.za) them directly to me, we will edit the colors sharper, and the whites more bright and white. Unless you want to do that yourself. You get really nice photo editing apps. 

3. You can either upload and crop them yourself on the website OR 

3. We will send you previews of your artwork to approve once you have emailed them.. 

4. Receive your blocks and stick them directly to your wall, no damage and easy to hang. 

They are so much fun and they will make your home more homey!

Here is some more inspo: )




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