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Birch HoneyBLOX - PhotoBLOX
Birch HoneyBLOX - PhotoBLOX
Birch HoneyBLOX - PhotoBLOX

Birch HoneyBLOX

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Create your own prints on wood with photos from Instagram, Facebook and more. Our unique printing process makes 100% original, sustainable wood prints.

Our BirchBLOX is made from 6mm thick Birchwood. This type of print allows the natural grain of the wood to show through while allowing vibrant colours and the utmost clarity.

Since we don’t print any white ink, any lighter areas in your photos will allow the wood grain to beautifully show through giving it a natural, organic, and unique look. Open skies in the landscape will be filled with waves of beautiful wood grain. Light skin tones allow the wood grain to paint it's own natural design on the wood canvas.

They also come with a unique plywood spacer at the back, easy to hang or attach to any surface, and allowing the wood print to create a shadow at the back of your wall.