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Monochrome Art Deco - PhotoBLOX
Monochrome Art Deco - PhotoBLOX

Monochrome Art Deco

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Colour your life!


You can either get this print on 2mm thick Plexiglass OR 6mm thick Birchwood. Depending on the look you want. 

You can use our Patterned panels for:

  • Kitchen Splash-Backs (ask about custom sizes)
  • Kitchen counter cladding/bar cladding
  • Any wall surface
  • stick our PlexiTiles over your existing tiles (ask about custom sizes)
  • stick them onto any table surface or inside cupboards for a refreshing new look!

We advise to stick them on with double-sided tape, Sticks like sh@t or any type of silicone adhesive and whallah! You just tiled your space without any grouting or mess.